What clients say about their adventures

The following are some unsolicited testimonials from our clients.

Months and months ago we booked a 5 day fishing trip with nightstalker. As we got ready to leave the excitement was extremely high. We drove 1300 miles and we finely met Archie at the boat ramp. Mother nature had her foot in our behinds from the get go, from extreme fog to high winds and pressure changes! she was still no match for Archie. We put 40, 50, 60 pound fish in the boat everyday. With a 5 day total of 876 pounds of cats and 15 citations OMG, Incredible! We had an unbelievable experience, he made us feel like we were the only people he ever took out!! Archie has an unmatched knowledge of the river and is 2nd to none with his great personality. He

made this a trip of a lifetime. We will book a trip every year with him and would recommend him over anyone else,Hands down! Thank you Archie Gold , Night stalker guide service for the laughs and memories that will never be forgotten!!

Minnesota Wreckin crew, Phil & Jamie

Mancato, MN

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you very much for our wonderful experience. I cannot explain to you how much of a memory was created on this trip. I have almost lost my father to different medical situations over the last 15 years or so, so to share this moment and get a picture that will be with me long after he passes one day, for that I cannot say thank you enough.

This trip for me will become a yearly event from now on. This experience will be relived over and over again. I plan to have my father attend as long as he is healthy enough to do so. Hopefully we

can get a picture of my son, myself and my father one day.

Mr. Gold, I know other people on your boat have caught bigger fish, caught many more and had a great time. But Sir, I guarantee you this, you have brought a father and son closer even more than they already were. Thank you sir for your time and a what my father and I will always refer to as a perfect day together.

Tom Sawyer

Providence KY

We would like to thank you for the trip out. We are very pleased with the service. You tried everything

you could do to get us more cats. We understand that the water temp was against us. If a person knows any thing about fishing, knows water temp

is a big thing. Friends were very impressed with the pics of the ones we caught. We will definitely fish with you again. My wife and I was dead tired from lack of sleep. It was nice to see you not give up when we was thanking of packing in. It's nice to get out fished, you know you get every thing you pay for. Can't wait to come back when the big ones are getting pulled out. Give us a shout. Thanks again for the pics, and the good time fishing.

Mac & Melisa

Moorefield WV

Kevin recently received the plaque for the largest catfish caught in 2010 and he is absolutely ecstatic. As you are aware, Kevin and I have been

charter fishing all over the Mid-Atlantic region from New York to North Carolina and we have never experienced anything like your trips on the

James River. During the five trips we made in 2010 I believe that Kevin and I averaged over 150 lbs of catfish per trip. Kevin has told his young friends that his trips with Archie on the James River are not actually fishing trips, instead they are fishing adventures and I think that says it all! Kevin and I can’t wait to get back to the James for more adventures on the Night Stalker.

Bob & Kevin O’Hara

Southampton PA

Just wanted to say thanks again for the fishing trip on Saturday, you are definitely the best. I will

never be able to put into words how cool that trip was, what a fish OMG! and to see my dad catch the biggest fish of his life at 75 years old, just amazing. I know he was really tired at the end of the day, but he talked about what a great person you are and the fishing trip the whole way home. He is already talking about wanting to come back next spring

after it warms up a little.

Mark Wolford

Augusta, WV

Hi Archie, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time. We have been on many fishing charters and I can tell you none compare to yours, you were awesome. I can tell you really enjoy taking people out and make it an enjoyable time for them and its not just business for you that makes a big difference. You go the extra mile!!!! I can't wait for our next trip with you, if you can let me know what dates you have booked for November so we can set up our next adventure. Thanks again!

Becky Bigelow

Uncasville CT

Just wanted to let you how much of a good time myself and my wife had on our trip. The 56 lb. catfish is the biggest fish I have ever caught and my wife was so excited with her 39 lb. Glad that she made you laugh when she caught it. We will definitely be booking another trip with you soon. Thanks again.

Dennis Appleyard

Hagerstown MD

Thanks again for having MVP-Outdoors out this weekend on the Nightstalker. Everyone had a blast and no one can complain about the seven massive cats we caught, three of which were citations. We are looking forward to our trip back with you in April. We are recommending you to everyone we know, thanks again.

Stephen Robins (MVP-Outdoors)

Stanley VA

I was looking to go cat fishing on the James River. I heard the stories of big blue cats that was in the James River. So I started looking on the internet and looked at a lot of guides and Archie Gold and the Nightstalker got my attention. So I checked out his site and knew this is the one I wanted to use. What got my attention was a state record and a lot of pics of nice size cats. I booked a trip with Archie on March 4, 2011. Me and my friend had a great time. We caught some nice cats and 2 were citations. Had such a good experience I booked a 2nd trip on March 24, 2011 with 2 other friends. And we caught some nice cats - 3 citations. I can say that Archie is very passionate about what he does and that is fish. With that being said I'm booking another trip in the fall. So if you looking for a great time fishing for big blue cats - Archie and the Nightstalker. I strongly recommend using Nightstalker fishing with Archie Gold. Thanks


Ken Minnick

Boonsboro MD

My nephew Warren (from upstate NY) and I booked a trip with Capt. Archie for 4/1/12. Despite an early slow start and chilly morning, things warmed up nicely all around. We missed a few quality hook-ups but ended the day with 8 fish, 5 of which were citations. Warren capped the day with a 51 lb. fish. You know things went well when your 28 year old nephew "complains" about being

worn out from fishing. Great guide, great fishing, great trip! Looking forward to a return trip next season.

E. Wagner

Virginia Beach, VA

Me and my three sons booked a trip with Archie on what turned out to be a very rough windy day. We were catching some smaller fish at first and Captain Archie assured us he would put us on some nice fish. It wasn't long before his words came true. We ended up catching a 44, 36, 32, and 31 pound catfish before the wind pounded us to death. We were very happy and would recommend Archie to everyone and can't wait to fish with him again.

Charlie & Sons

Midlothian VA

My trip with Capt Archie was exciting from the start with catching bait, watching him put out the net for the shad, and cruising to where we were going to fish. We moved here and there and caught a ton of fish with my biggest being 42lbs. I also wanted fish to carry home and he agreed anything ten lbs and under would go home which ended up being 100lbs. When we packed up at 2:30 in the morning to head in I have to say I was nervous because I've never traveled in a boat at night. He told me "have a seat and enjoy the night air." because we have 35 miles to get back to the ramp. When we got back I was just amazed at his knowledge of the river and his nigh time traveling and is ability to put me on a bunch of fish. I have and will continue to recommend Capt Archie to everyone I know and meet that when it comes to catfishing, "HE IS THE MAN!" Can't wait to go again.

Mason Archer

Amelia VA

I have been fishing on the Nightstalker with Capt Archie Gold on three separate occasions. my first trip I caught around a total of 280 lbs of catfish, with my largest being 51 lbs. My second trip I took my 13 year old son and together we caught about 250 lbs of catfish. My son caught several with his largest being 29 lbs, my largest on this day was 55 lbs. My third trip I took my son and my nephew. We caught a lot of catfish between 25-35 lbs. I caught 61 lb catfish and my son caught a 39 lb catfish and my nephew caught a 44 lb catfish, all of which earned citations. In all of my experiences on the Nightstalker with Archie, he has always been extremely knowledgeable about the river and where to find fish. If they are not biting in one location he knows where they will be. The Nightstalker is always clean and in excellent condition and Archie is a safe driver. I would recommend anyone to go fishing with Archie Gold, all of my experiences have been extremely enjoyable and I look forward to many more.

Billy Gray

Richmond VA

Had the opportunity to fish Captain Gold and had a blast. Archie put me on not only a hog but my new personal best at 71 lbs. "Personal best are broken" on the Nightstalker. He is very knowledgeable on the river going after these big cats. He will not only make the trip memorable, but he will share his wealth of knowledge with you. My girlfriend went along and she found him very entertaining. Catfishing isn't really her thing but she had an awesome time and took my picture to work with her to show everyone what we caught. I not only broke my PB on the trip but I also made a great friend. I will definitely be booking another round. If you are looking to catch a beast I would highly recommend hooking up with Captain Archie Gold.

Shawn Wetzel

Gettysburg PA

If you even somewhat enjoy catfishing this is the trip for you! There were three of us fishing and all three caught citation fish ranging from 38 up to 45 1/2lbs. I was very pleased, as were my wife and mother in law. Archie Gold will do everything possible to make your trip a success. Awsome and comfortable, the "nightstalker" boat is very roomy and well equipped. We plan to return for a for a second trip asap.

Joshua Lam

Elkton VA

My name is Anthony. Me and my buddy Larry went on a two day tour with Captain Gold.He was very professional and knowledgeful towards us and the river. As far as the fishing we caught a 12,16,23,27,28, and a 44 pounders. Our experience with Captain Gold will give us life long stories to tell.

Thank You Captain Gold !!

Anthony and Larry

York, PA


Betty and I had a great time. We were thrilled with the fish, but more so with having you as our guide. Thanks for the pictures. Had some of the catfish for dinner, it was good tasting. Hope all is good with you. Thanks again

Don and Betty

Wellsboro, Pa

Two days in Paradise with Captain Archie Gold!!

Virginia is one of the more beautiful states in the world precisely for the existence of wonderful waterways like the James River with all its history. Captain Archie is keenly aware of the heritage he and his fellow fishing guides have been entrusted with. The James river is home to probably the world's best catfishing . Did you know this ? My son Lukas (14 years old) and I did not but over the course of two wonderful consecutive nights spent on Captain Archie's comfortable boat , the "NightStalker", sure found out.

Of course Captain Archie made it easy for us. He knew all the hot spots. Had a seventh sense where the catfish in all likelihood would be and as a result we caught one 20 plus pounder, a couple of 30 pounders and as the grand prize for my son Lukas an unbelievable monster catfish of 62 (!!) pounds. And all this at a time that is considered a slow time. Throw in breathtaking sights, clear night skies with the stars at your fingertips, some relaxed Virgina conversation with a friendly and laid back but always highly alert and attentive captain Archie Gold and you have the experience of a lifetime !

This trip will stay with my son Lukas and I for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Captain Archie !!!

Stephan and Lukas Barth

Washington D.C.

Captain Archie,

Thank-you for a good night on the James River, and for delivering each of us with a citation worthy fish. It was a good time that we will never forget and hope to do it again. Thanks for your good humor and hospitality. We wish you the best.

Dana, Janice, and Jared Lourdon

Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Hey Archie,

We had an awesome time thanks for working hard to put us on some fish. we will definetley book another trip with you again. We appreciate all you did. You really know the river and we look forward to fishing with you again.

Thanks again.

Bryan, Jacob, & Ben

Roanoke VA


Just wanted to thank you for a great trip. My 3 sons and I will have great memories to share forever. Each of my boys caught the largest fish of their lives on the same night. Nine cats including a 35, 33, 27, and 26 and you still felt we missed the "Big One". Eagles and Ospreys everywhere and later the most star filled sky we had ever seen. We will be back in the Fall. Don't catch them all before then and leave a couple of River Monsters for us.


Ebensburg, PA

Thank you very much Archie, we really enjoyed the trip as well. My brother and one of my buddies got to see the pictures already and they want to come up and book a trip sometime here in the near future, so we will probably be giving you a call when we get schedules and things figured out. Once again thank you very much, it was a great time!

Aaron Colburn



Thanks again for showing Kristy and I a wonderful time. It has been a long time goal of mine to land a catfish over 50# on a rod and reel. You made it seem too easy. The fishing was some of the best I’ve seen, and the James River is a beautiful place. The Night Stalker provided a comfortable environment, and a smooth ride. I found your knowledge of catching big blues very interesting. Plan on using some of your insight back here on the mighty MO. You made our 10th anniversary something we’ll never forget! Hope we can find time to come back some day.



Nathan Owen

Norborne, MO

We had a really good time also! We were on the road for an hour and CJ started falling asleep at the wheel so pulled over in a rest stop and slept 3 hrs in the car! Then drove all the way back and got home a little after 9:PM . We were exhausted but excited to show the kids the pictures we took of the fish!

We definetly are going to book a day in January. Trying to figure out how many people are going and geting a date that works for everyone. Thank you for your patience and we really apprectiate all your efforts to get us on a big fish! Hopefully in January we can reel in a monster! Looking forward to seeing you again and having a great day in January!

CJ & Jennifer Brock


I booked a trip with Archie on Labor Day weekend. I wanted one more summer memory for my kids. We left the pier that morning about 6:00AM and, after a short ride, were catching bait fish. By 8:30 everyone in our party had caught a blue cat. They ranged in weight from 20 lbs. to 32 lbs. As the day continued, the wind picked up. But thanks to Archies knowledge of the river's currents and tides he was able to stay on the fish.

In all we pulled in over 250 pounds of fish that day, some of them citation size. We loved every minute of it and my kids already want me to book another trip. Thanks to Archie for making it happen. And yes, I will be booking again.

Marshall Landes

Chesterfield, VA

Just wanted to drop you a big thank you! Wow what a trip for my boys..... (Alex 8 and Adam13) and I. We really had a great time catching all those huge blues. The one Alex caught weighed just shy of his own body weight (55lbs), not to mention the all the 25+ lbs that Adam had a chance to catch. Capt.Gold made the trip so easy and enjoyable I can't wait to take our next trip. (ASAP)

Thanks for a great time!

The Butlers

Powhatan, VA


Had a blast fishing with you Saturday. You’re a great guy and an awesome guide. Really enjoyed the time on the water and oh yeah…the big cats we caught. We’re planning on a trip in March sometime so we’ll get our heads together and set a date and contact you to make sure it’s open.

Good luck the rest of this season and we’ll see you next year!

Thanks Again!

Josh Keiter

Winchester, VA

I am sure that us four guys will generate some business for you…I told my dad all the stories and he can’t wait to get out there and do it…You are the man when it comes to the catfish, thats for darn sure! Thanks again for everything, the pictures and memories from this trip are priceless to all of us!!!

Take Care and Happy Fishing!!

Geoff LeMarr

Winchester, VA

Archie, I want to thank you for the fishing trip on Oct. 2 , Shawn, Greg and myself had a great time on the boat and appreciate all the moving you did to put us on some monster fish, very happy with the trip and also excited to be one of your free trip contenders for now. My 63.5 and Greg's 63 were awesome and we will never forget it.

Paul Saucier

Chester, Va

Hey Archie, just wanted to thank you again for the trip on Sunday……… Every one of us in the group had a blast. It’s easy for me to see now how chasing after the big ones can be addicting!! As soon as Christmas is behind us and the cash flow isn’t so tight I’ll be back. Until then, good luck on the water!!


Brent McMlung

Dayton, Va

My son, my buddy and I fished with Archie Gold on November 13th, 2010 and the fishing was awesome. My 9 year old caught 35 and 36 pound fish, my buddy caught a 51 and I ended up with a 67 pounder! Those were the

biggest fish, but certainly not the only nice fish we caught that day.

Archie Gold is the real deal. It was obvious to me that he knows the river like the back of his hand. We fished 5 or 6 different spots and caught fish at every spot. He was courteous, easy to get along with and did everything he could to ensure we had a most memorable day.

We’ll be going back soon to fish with him again. You won’t be disappointed if you book a trip with Captain Archie.

Jim McGregor

Pittsburgh, PA

Just returned from my third trip with Archie, and counting the days till we go again. Could not ask anyone to put more effort to put you on the best fish possible. Archie went way beyond what would be expected to find the fish regardless how much moving around, gas he had to use, and how much time it takes. If you do not catch big fish with Archie it certainly will not be through the lack of effort from Archie.

Archie is an extremely pleasant, helpful, and an informative guide that has always made the whole trip and experience to remember and his patience with both children and "older" children makes a trip an excellent day out especially a Father and son day.

Thanks Archie we are counting the days until we go again.

Matt Brown

Emporia, VA

Went fishing with Archie on Dec.11th 2010 and had a great time. We caught 13 fish with total weight being 433lbs!!!!! Each one of us (3) caught 2 fish that totaled over 100lbs.Captain Archie was very enthusiastic and showed us a good time. His knowledge of the river and his obvious addiction to catching “Big Cats” makes him my guide of choice when fishing the James.

Larry “Buzz” Hall

Amherst Va

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